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Unlock powerful moderation tools, advanced analytics, and customization options.

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Spend less time moderating

Manage comments with advanced moderation tools that save you time, eliminate trolls, and foster high quality discussions.

Shadow Banning

shadowban-1.pngCombat trolling and spam by discreetly banning repeat offenders without their knowledge.



Give users a chance to correct their behavior with temporary bans with the option to provide feedback.

Audience tools to help you grow

Acquire, understand, and retain loyal readers to achieve your audience goals leveraging Disqus audience tools. Integrate Disqus with your existing analytics and user management system.

Audience Analytics

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Advanced audience metrics to help you understand how your readers engage with your content. Leverage insights to optimize engagement and content strategy.

Single Sign-On (SSO)


Seamlessly integrate Disqus with your user management system so readers can comment with one account.

Customize and extend Disqus

Customize the functionality and presentation of Disqus on your site to meet your specific data needs and branding requirements. 

Unlimited API Access

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Utilize the Disqus API without limits to build custom applications like user profiles, leaderboards, comment feeds, and more and ingest data not provided out-of-the-box with Disqus Analytics.

Hide Disqus Branding

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Customize the look and feel of Disqus on your site by removing Disqus branding, providing a unique commenting experience.

What else you get with Disqus Pro 

Automated Moderation (coming soon)

Scale moderation and elevate the quality of discussions with natural language processing and machine learning to identify and remove objectionable content, powered by Google's Perspective AI.

Priority Support

Receive personalized priority support from our Publisher Success team via email. 

Ads Optional

Choose whether you would like to earn revenue from advertising.

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