Disqus for Business

Unlock the full potential of online conversation and
drive audience engagement—at scale—with Disqus for Business

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Take your site to the next level

With Disqus for Business, take advantage of Disqus' full suite of community
engagement tools. Employ best-in-class moderation features, single-sign-on (SSO) integration, and
fully customizable, enhanced branding capabilities.


Universal and secure SSO integration

Own your user data and provide a seamless log-in experience

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Adapt at scale efficiently

Unlock Disqus on an unlimited number of websites


Seamless branding removal

Employ white-labeling for a cohesive visual experience


Direct account management

Access multiple networks of dedicated support channels

Seamless and secure SSO integration

Maintain control over your own user data and offer your
users a streamlined and intuitive log-in experience.


Stress-free UX for your users

Provide streamlined registration and login-in experiences for your users so they return to your site again and again.


Retain control over your data

Establish data confidentiality and exercise strict control over your user data. Our SSO integrations are simple and universal.

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Optimize on your terms


Reinforce your branding at every turn

Strengthen your site's visual cohesion by removing Disqus branding from the comment embed.


Customize the embed's appearance

Adapt the appearance of the embed to match the look and feel of your site.


Integrate creatively and confidently

Build custom app integrations to optimize and maximize the value of Disqus.

The freedom to innovate and the support you need


Get unlimited API access

Take advantage of full API access to create dynamic applications and access rich and actionable user data.


Access direct account management

Collaborate with dedicated account managers who become experts on your team and its needs.


Priority support channels

Feel secure in having a diverse network of support channels that ensure a successful integration.

Disqus' best-in-class core features


Top-of-line moderation tools

Utilize our user-friendly and scalable moderation features that save you time and elevate the level of your conversations.


Transform visitors into loyal users

Engage and grow your audience with engagement features like Badges, Custom Reactions, and Star Ratings.


Understand your audience 

Get real-time insights into your site's performance via detailed content & audience analytics.


Integrate successfully and with confidence

Elevate your level of online conversation with Disqus for Business—the
commenting solution your business needs to grow.

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